odd years are better anyway

I've never really been one for New Year's resolutions. I prefer to have goals, thereby, if I reach my goal before the year's end, it is successful. Resolutions seem too stern and not fun at all, at least in the ways that most people approach them. For example, most people who have asked me about my "resolutions" are giving up sugar/flour, dieting/losing weight, giving up alcohol. I don't think any of those things seem too reasonable. I don't agree with depriving oneself of happiness in an effort to become better - how is unhappy better? My goals are intended to help me become happier without having to go through any starvation or withdrawals.

Here are my goals for 2007:
- finish thesis, thus getting my MA degree posted
- begin fitness regimen to improve overall mood and well-being
- paint another room in the house
- take a vacation with the Man - a real life vacation that lasts more than one day and requires travel
- get rid of the degenerate dickbag and his girlfriend who live in our house (aka roommates)
- find stress-relieving activities and the time to perform them (aka getting rid of the dickbag and his girlfriend so I don't want to shoot myself and using their room as a peaceful non-dickbag sanctuary)