what amounts to quite a good 4th of july

The man didn't have to work yesterday, which was a wonderful surprise. Another surprise was that he had today off from work as well. This never happens, where we get to spend a couple full days together. It is times like these that remind me of why we are together - the time we spend together is effortless and relaxing, and all around wonderful.

To celebrate our togetherness after over two weeks of barely having time to nod in one another's direction, the man and I went out last night for the first time in a very long time. We went to a movie, hit up a couple local bars and didn't come home until bar time. All in all, we welcomed the 4th of July with a ton of merriment and then crashed, sleeping in until 10 am. And...another wonderful thing...no hangovers. I'd say the night was a success.

We've taken advantage of the new patio chairs I just purchased from St. Vincent de Paul's (6 for $33.00), two of which are on our balcony and already have new cushions. The other four still need cushions, which I'm adding to my to-do list for the week. I'd like to get them done before we have company over next weekend. Here's hoping that I won't have a bunch of late work nights this week so that I have time to prep the house for the "mother-in-law's" arrival mid-week.

Now, back to the balcony. Have a safe and happy Independence Day.