things i did in vegas, which did not include getting married

In no particular order:
  1. rode on the X-Scream thrill ride. LOVED it! The man was less happy about the whole thing, but I giggled the whole time. I would have loved to go on the ride a few more times.

  2. laid out by the pool in the beautiful 80-degree weather...note: not all half-naked people should be half-naked. Contrary to popular belief, there are not that many attractive people in Las Vegas.

  3. watched CSI (Las Vegas) in Las Vegas. note: I am a dork.

  4. saw numerous hookers...er...escorts.

  5. went to Hart and Huntington's tattoo shop at the Palms. Bought a souvenir t-shirt. Did not see Cary Hart (unfortunately).

  6. gambled. Lost money. Gambled again. Lost more money.

  7. ate some crappy food. note: stay away from Toby Keith's restaurant. Food was awful.

  8. ate some good food.

  9. shook Elvis' hand. note: I know it wasn't really Elvis.

  10. went to the Jimmy Buffett street party and concert. Drank about 7 loaded Landsharks. Wore a hat (made of balloons) shaped like a parrot. If you look closely, you will see that it is a boy parrot.
  11. people-watched from our upgraded, 18th-floor room. There was a tv in the bathroom mirror, which was pretty cool.
  12. walked. Window-shopped. Walked some more. Drank. Walked.

  13. learned a lot more about the man's family. Now I better understand the good things and the not-so-good things about him.

  14. nearly passed out from having walked so damned much.

  15. called a few people, pretending to be on our "honeymoon." Laughed a lot.

  16. rode in a taxi that almost got into an accident. Learned some profanity in a language I didn't recognize.

  17. watched the Bellagio water show. Pretended that I was in Ocean's 11 or 13 - I didn't like 12.

  18. saw Pete Rose. In Vegas. Will that man never learn?

  19. wore my beautiful new shoes. (I will post a picture next week.)
  20. realized that the man and I can go on vacation and not get sick of one another. Bonus.