the sofa has been chosen

I have finally found our perfect sofa. We had the following criteria:
  • modern/contemporary
  • not overstuffed
  • not leather or microfiber
  • loose cushions
  • back must be high enough to rest head on
  • wide arms, but not rolled
  • grey-ish in color
  • removable cover (preferable)
  • and, of course, comfortable
After looking at seven different furniture stores, I faced the realization that what I wanted would cost over $1000. This was not at all feasible. Luckily, I had not yet physically looked at Ikea...I know what you are thinking, but not all Ikea furniture is for divorcees or college students. This KIVIK sofa fit all of our agreed-upon criteria.
It has memory foam in the cushions, so it is really comfy and the back cushions are high enough for the man (in my opinion). We just have to save up the rest of the money and then we'll go pick it up. I know that they deliver, but since the man hasn't actually sat on the sofa himself, he needs to do that before we spend the money.

I'm super-excited about it and knowing what we want makes it even harder to wait for the roommate's departure. It is, however, good to have things to look forward to.