so that was 27

I turn 28 on Sunday. 28. 28 seems so old, yet so young at the same time. I don't know if I had hoped to have accomplished more by now, or different things, but somehow it seems like I need to pick up the pace. I don't know why or what I'm working toward. I think I must be vain. But, to be honest, I don't look much different than I did at 23, so I don't know why this has affected me so much.

Much of the issue is that I somehow completely forgot about my birthday until about two weeks ago. Even my 10-year high school reunion didn't seem to cement the thought in my head...other than, "wow, all of those poor people are at least 28 if not older, ha!" Well, less than a month later, I'm on the verge of joining them in their (gulp) late twenties.

If I could go back to my early twenties, there are definitely a handful of things I would do differently. I'd be more diligent. I wouldn't procrastinate. I would re-think that one guy and maybe a couple years of wasted time. However, those things got me to where I am now. Ultimately, despite the suck of my job from time-to-time (aka most of the time), I'm happy. I am head over heels (still) with my boyfriend, who feels the same way. We have three pets, even though I'd like to toss one of them out the window at least once each day, I love them and am lucky they have chosen to keep us company. I have a lazy-ass, worthless, dickbag piece-0f-shit roommate +1, but they give us something to gripe about, so that is something. I'm making progress in my career, even though I'm not sure I'm going the right direction. I have my health, for the most part, a new haircut, and a brighter outlook than I did when I was in my mid-twenties. Things are good. Yet, 28 is still 28.

So, in an effort to push clear my thoughts, to push out the uglies and to get down to the optimism, I've come up with a list of 28 things I will do while I'm 28. These are not things I want to do, these are things I will do between August 30, 2009 and August 30, 2010. I am going to double-up on some of my new year's goals and my life list, but hey, I am realistic and 28 things is a lot, I might as well multitask. I make the rules. That is very adult of me, don't you think?

Here goes (in no particular order):
  1. paint the living/dining room
  2. throw a big party
  3. read 10 books of my own choosing
  4. bake an apple pie from scratch, including the crust
  5. plant that big ol' vegetable garden I keep pining for
  6. finally hang the curtains in the living/dining room
  7. take a "family" photo in a snowstorm
  8. get another tattoo (or two)
  9. join a gym
  10. whole-heartedly commit to daily exercise (work out at least 4 days a week - no ifs, ands, or buts)
  11. pay off my credit card debt
  12. go to Ikea
  13. finish my thesis, get it conferred, shut the book on that damned project
  14. visit Kristen in Door County (before she finds a fabulous new job and leaves)
  15. fix the ding in my windshield before it cracks
  16. make at least one home-cooked meal each week, regardless of the roommate's whereabouts
  17. get new tires for the car
  18. visit my nephews and the new baby at least twice
  19. go to some sort of professional development that I actually find useful
  20. cardio - even though I despise it, I will do cardio at least 3 days per week (my cardiologist and my physical therapist will finally be happy)
  21. complete the landscaping around the perimeter of the house
  22. make a calendar for our family members - it will be funny, the man and I have discussed it for a couple years
  23. take another college class
  24. send/give thank-you cards for each gift given
  25. six-pack abs, or something close to that without being too manly
  26. write to my grandmother at least once per month
  27. make the transition away from having a roommate
  28. complete three NaBloPoMo month-long blog runs

Whew, looks like I'll be busy. Goals are fun!