where have I been, where am I going?

It has been a while...over a month, since I've posted. I just finished a six-month work project, which is uber-relieving and I'm now able to go to bed without dreaming of work after having spent 10+ waking hours physically being at work. This past weekend was spent getting some alone time in with the man (and not all of that is referring to sex), so hopefully he remembers now that his girlfriend isn't always a stressed out hag. My words, not his.

I'm going to be traveling to Michigan this weekend for my niece's baptism. I'm taking the train so I'll get to catch up on some non-work-related reading.

Here's a picture of my niece Kaitlyn. You can see that she must already know I'm coming for a visit, and appears to be too young to realize what awesome presents and treats come with me (either that or she needs to poo).