updates on what the hell has been keeping me so damned busy

As we're already on the 2nd day of November, I thought it might be nice to update my goals for the year. Here's the status report:

Financial Goals:
Only keep a balance on one credit card
> this is going well, haven't had a balance on more than one card at all this year
Lower credit card balance to at least $x by January 1, 2010
> I'm on track to complete this goal and successfully pay off all credit card debt before July 2010
Pay off Student Loan 1 by January 1, 2010
> this loan was paid off in October 2009
Contribute monthly to savings account to cover non-monthly budgetary expenses
> I've been doing this, and have had to tap into it for some unforeseen repairs and other expenses
Cut expenses
> I need to up my vigilance on this one. Since my "promotion" at work I've been putting in more hours and haven't been as good about eating at home when picking up carry-out is oh so easy. However, I have been good about my coupon usage
Raise income
> Due to the amount of hours going in at work, this is no longer feasible

Professional Goals:
Continue taking advantage of all applicable training sessions
> not many trainings offered lately, but I have attended all opportunities
Build and maintain professional network
> not much has been done to further build my network, but I have continued to maintain what I already have
Apply myself to outperform in current role - be indispensable
> this is going well, and I contingue to take on more work, which is good for the employer, not so good for my social life and relationship. Now the key is to find some sort of balance
Complete thesis
> this is coming along in spurts.

Relationship Goals:
Do not interrupt, over-share, or compare experiences
> I remind myself of this goal on a daily basis, I'm not sure I'm completely reformed yet
Be supportive, but also share caution when necessary
> this still requires daily concentration, but I think the man and I are on the same page on a lot more issues now
Spend more time w/, or communicate more w/ family and friends
> Another area where work has been screwing my my time and or desire to spend time away from home. Need to work on this as holidays are fast approaching
Reach out to others more
> blood donation on a 6-week rotation is going pretty well and the man and I have been spendign more time helping out his grandma (who is recovering from surgery)

Personal Goals:
Keep a tidy house
> a constant battle, but I never feel like the house is "dirty." More work is being done on weekends than during the week, but that's okay
Make time for fun, don't schedule life to the minute
> Not doing well here
Make physical and mental health a priority
> This is fabulous - I joined a gym and have been making progress in regard to lessening some of my daily pain. Also, have been working on ways to lower daily mental stress, though I'm not entirely pleased with the way that is going right now
Minimize stress
> Still not going as well as it could/should be
Celebrate success
> eh...not sure I have a whole lot of energy for this one and I haven't felt like I've had many successes lately
Don't be over-critical or take myself too seriously
> Judging from my answer immediately above, this isn't going so well
Live in the present - don't fret about those things outside of my control
> somehow have bypassed the present and am more interested in living for the future right now
Train myself to sustain myself
> it seems harder to do things locally when I'm as busy as I've been, but I'm still making an effort in any way I can

Also, I've crossed a couple things off my goals for the age of 28:
Throw a big party
> I had a birthday party/Halloween party for the man (who just turned 39 on Friday)
Fix the ding in my windshield before it cracks
> done and done
Make at least one home-cooked meal per week...
> I've been doing this quite well and even more frequently than once per week
Commit to cardio 3 times each week
> I've bettered this and am doing 30 min. per day, a minimum of 5 days per week
Read at least 10 books...
> This is going well, though most of the books are about adopting retired racing greyhounds

All in all, I'm happy with my progress and now that winter is knocking on my door I know I need to buckle down and get some shit done!