if you are looking for 30 things to do...

I've been quite absent from regular blog posting. As punishment, (for either me or my readers, depending on how you look at it) I'll be posting for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). This means I will attempt to post every day in November. That means I'll be posting 30 times in 30 days.

If you are willing to join me, go to the website to sign up. If you want, e-mail me and I'll post a link to your site here as well. I'm thinking I won't have any takers. Most of my friends are a bit committment-phobic.

Oh...I almost forgot. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


things i did in vegas, which did not include getting married

In no particular order:
  1. rode on the X-Scream thrill ride. LOVED it! The man was less happy about the whole thing, but I giggled the whole time. I would have loved to go on the ride a few more times.

  2. laid out by the pool in the beautiful 80-degree weather...note: not all half-naked people should be half-naked. Contrary to popular belief, there are not that many attractive people in Las Vegas.

  3. watched CSI (Las Vegas) in Las Vegas. note: I am a dork.

  4. saw numerous hookers...er...escorts.

  5. went to Hart and Huntington's tattoo shop at the Palms. Bought a souvenir t-shirt. Did not see Cary Hart (unfortunately).

  6. gambled. Lost money. Gambled again. Lost more money.

  7. ate some crappy food. note: stay away from Toby Keith's restaurant. Food was awful.

  8. ate some good food.

  9. shook Elvis' hand. note: I know it wasn't really Elvis.

  10. went to the Jimmy Buffett street party and concert. Drank about 7 loaded Landsharks. Wore a hat (made of balloons) shaped like a parrot. If you look closely, you will see that it is a boy parrot.
  11. people-watched from our upgraded, 18th-floor room. There was a tv in the bathroom mirror, which was pretty cool.
  12. walked. Window-shopped. Walked some more. Drank. Walked.

  13. learned a lot more about the man's family. Now I better understand the good things and the not-so-good things about him.

  14. nearly passed out from having walked so damned much.

  15. called a few people, pretending to be on our "honeymoon." Laughed a lot.

  16. rode in a taxi that almost got into an accident. Learned some profanity in a language I didn't recognize.

  17. watched the Bellagio water show. Pretended that I was in Ocean's 11 or 13 - I didn't like 12.

  18. saw Pete Rose. In Vegas. Will that man never learn?

  19. wore my beautiful new shoes. (I will post a picture next week.)
  20. realized that the man and I can go on vacation and not get sick of one another. Bonus.


how today is kicking my ass

It is not even 7:00 AM and today is totally kicking my ass. How? Let me tell you. WARNING: Session of whining and bitching ahead.

Today we are celebrating a coworker's birthday so I made rice krispie treats with M&M candies. I was proud of myself. I was able to inexpensively make a delicious treat for my coworkers. I did the shopping and the cooking as soon as I got done with work. Yay me.

This morning, while I am getting ready for work, the man comes upstairs to inform me that the bitch of a dog pulled the tray of treats off of the counter and proceeded to eat half of them. And they have chocolate in them. And she knocked over the garbage can. She is a bitch.

I did not have time to make new treats before work so I had to go spend $8 on cookies. $8 that would've been spent on something in my budget, like gasoline or an oil change. But now, that $8 will be going into the maws of my coworkers. That is something that I don't mind, as they are my friends and I wanted to bring them treats. The only thing is that my dog is a massive bitch and she cannot be trusted. Ever. I know it is bad to be pissed off at an animal, as they do not have a concept of time similar to humans and likely don't understand lingering anger. I can't help it. She's gotten into the garbage a handful of times in the past months and now she's grabbing food off of the counter (off the way back of the counter, mind you). I think she needs an intervention. And I don't like her very much right now. Which is yet another example of why I shouldn't have children.

Oh, and I've gained over 5 pounds since my pelvis has been out of alignment again. Gaining weight makes me feel like ass. And it makes my ass bigger. And the physical therapist is severely limiting my activity. And I am hating my dog today. Today is totally kicking my ass.