random question thursdays!

The man is always exasperated with me because I ask a lot of random, out-of-the-blue, how-the-hell-did-I-even-think-of-that questions. A lot. Enough that he just looks at me a certain way while shaking his head and I know that there are probably only a handful of humans on earth who would know the answer to that question.

Anyway, in honor of this particular personality trait I am instituting "random question thursdays." When I post on a Thursday, the post title will be a question, to which...

  1. I will research and attempt to provide an answer with the post,

  2. I will ask hoping that someone will comment with an answer or link to an answer

  3. my readers (hello to my few readers! holla!) will find the question interesting to ponder

  4. the question will spark an interest in my readers to ask others.

Today's question fits into the second, third, or fourth category listed above. Feel free to comment - I won't bite!

If you could only take with you the amount of items that would fit in the trunk of a car, what would they be? (The rest would be gone forever.)

Here's my list (thank god my little Fifi is a hatchback):

  • the pets (Jack [cat], Jammer [dog], Rue [cat])

  • my grandmother's class ring

  • the little, thimble-sized doll my neighbor gave to me and asked me to keep forever

  • my laptop (a lot of stuff stored on there!)

  • my fire-proof box (includes backup drive with all of my photos, passport, other vital information)

  • a change or two of clothes

  • my favorite sandals in the world - which I believe have been discontinued

That's all I've got for now, pretty much everything else could be replaced and most of my stuff doesn't have any sentimental value.