making headway as i settle into 28

Things I've already done while 28 years old...granted, it has only been a few weeks.
  • join a gym - I've been a member since September 1, and I love it
  • whole-heartedly commit to daily exercise (work out at least 4 days a week - no ifs, ands, or buts) - this has been difficult, especially the getting up and going at 4:45 am, but I've done it a minimum of 5 times per week...and I even exercised while in Michigan visiting my brother and his family
  • go to Ikea - I did this while visiting family in Michigan, oh how I love the Swedes and their clean lines
  • visit my nephews and the new baby at least twice - I did this once already
  • go to some sort of professional development that I actually find useful - I've signed up for 2 professional development conferences, though I'm only confident that one will be useful
  • make a calendar for our family members - it will be funny, the man and I have discussed it for a couple years - the process has begun, I've already begun w/ the photos
  • send/give thank-you cards for each gift given - so far, so good
  • make the transition away from having a roommate - I have already broached the topic w/ dickbag roommate and looks like the one-year deadline will be manageable (keep in mind that dickbag roommate is a pathological liar and the laziest person I've ever encountered)