my life list

As follows is my life list - 100 things I want to do before I die. I was inspired by Maggie at Mighty Girl.
  1. Go back to Europe
  2. Become fluent in a second language
  3. Learn to play another musical instrument
  4. Take a pottery class
  5. Buy an authentic Eames chair
  6. Sit on the front porch in a rocking chair, drinking lemonade
  7. Make a four-course meal from scratch
  8. Be debt free
  9. Own a home
  10. Go land-luging in New Zealand
  11. Get a job that I love
  12. Find an old friend and rekindle the relationship
  13. Finish a NaBloPoMo without skipping any days
  14. Redecorate someone’s home
  15. Go to Vegas
  16. Strip and paint the kitchen cabinets
  17. Bungee jump
  18. Buy a new car with cash
  19. Cross the Canadian border
  20. See the Niagara Falls
  21. Take a road trip across the country
  22. Grow a vegetable garden
  23. Raise a puppy
  24. Donate $1000 to a charity
  25. Take a multiple-day train trip
  26. Get down to my fighting weight
  27. Learn HTML
  28. Redesign my blog
  29. Write a book
  30. Finish my thesis
  31. Set foot in all 50 states
  32. Live without electricity for a weekend
  33. Parasail
  34. Go skydiving
  35. Start biking again
  36. Take on a major home renovation
  37. See Paris with someone I love
  38. Go on vacation without a plan
  39. Go on a helicopter ride
  40. See a glacier
  41. Go on a cruise
  42. Sew a quilt
  43. Build a bracelet of important charms
  44. Scuba dive
  45. Take a vacation to a tropical location
  46. Spend all day at the beach
  47. Change someone's life in a way they couldn't without my help
  48. See a Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau
  49. Go ice skating again
  50. Take on a major landscaping project
  51. Write real letters to my loved ones once per month
  52. Get my health issues resolved
  53. Revise my carbon footprint
  54. Have a style uniquely my own
  55. Have at least $5000 in my savings account
  56. Be in a "live studio audience"
  57. Make a pie from scratch
  58. Bake cookies with my grandma again
  59. Make a personal sanctuary in my own home
  60. Take in a stray animal
  61. See the end of the Iraq war
  62. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise
  63. Sell something that I made
  64. Make my own perfume
  65. Help someone get a job
  66. Help someone get into College
  67. Throw the most kick-ass wedding reception ever.
  68. Give love freely
  69. Do something that scares me
  70. Take a nap outside
  71. Get another tattoo
  72. Recover a piece of furniture
  73. Earn a certificate or additional degree
  74. Elope
  75. Repay my parents for all they’ve done for me  
  76. Spend a whole day in bed with the man
  77. Adopt a greyhound
  78. Make margaritas
  79. Host a dinner party
  80. Work out every day for a month
  81. Get a significant raise
  82. Be a keynote speaker
  83. Get in the habit of writing thank-you notes
  84. Make a career around a meaningful cause
  85. Remove money as a concern
  86. Come to love my nose
  87. Be part of a food fight
  88. Make a quilt
  89. Paint every room in the house
  90. Get published
  91. Join a club
  92. Host a bake sale for a good cause
  93. Throw a surprise party
  94. Make it to the expert level in Guitar Hero
  95. Make a collection of something
  96. Have a yard sale
  97. Fly a kite with my nephews
  98. Make homemade ice cream
  99. Go to Washington DC
  100. Collect stories from my family about when they were kids
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