how do you like your eggs?

I like my eggs standing up on end, like this:
And this:

Yes, that is my desk at work. Do not worry, this is a work-sanctioned egg-uprising. I think it is cool. I've been telling passers by that I am doing this WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND. Mwah ha ha. Umm, yeah, that part is bullshit; I use the power of my mind for much more fruitful things, like revenge. But look over there, it is an egg balancing on its end!


Happy first day of SPRING! It could not come soon enough...unfortunately, Mother Nature is still being a nasty whore and is sending 5-7 inches of snow our way in the next 24 hours. But, today is slated to be nice and sunny. And, a sure sign of spring is this guy, who has been mating in the front yard with all the ladies with big red breasts:

As you probably know, Easter is this Sunday. My initial reaction to the thought of having to do family stuff with the man's family was this: I suggested that we hide my car in the garage and pretend that we are visiting my parents for the weekend. I thought we were in agreement about this, until I was informed that we will be attending a dinner with the man's family Saturday night. This doesn't go along with my plan, but the damage has been done and now I have to go or look like a bitch for not going. As much as I would like to take the bitch route, I know there would be repercussions and I'm not going to ruin the remainder of my weekend by having to listen to a disgruntled, pouty boyfriend. On second thought, there has been trouble brewing amongst some of the members of the family and nothing says Easter like a drunken outburst at dinner, so this could be more interesting than first expected.