another friend is gone

Rue McClanahan passed away yesterday at the age of 76. As you may know, my own darling Rue-cat is partially named after Rue McClanahan (my Rue and Blanche share a common trait - a need and demand for attention and tendency to throw themselves at anyone willing to show them some love). I'm very saddened by her passing and want to share one of my favorite Blanche moments with you.

This is the way I remember Blanche: a quick-thinking, lust-loving, dramatic diva.

Thank you, Rue, for all of the laughter and education you've given me over the years. I was fascinated by your portrayal of Blanche before I knew what any of the double entendres even alluded to, and you've been making me laugh for as long as I can remember.

Good-bye, my dear friend.