rainy days and mondays always get me down

It is Monday. It is raining. Talk about a depressing combination. Yesterday, on the other hand, was gorgeous. The sun only peeked out a few times, but there was no wind, making it warm enough for me to spend over 5 hours cleaning up the yard and working in my flowerbeds. Also, I cleaned and organized my stall in the garage.

Today I am paying the price for yesterday's ambitions. I feel as though I have been beaten with a crowbar about the arms and legs. I'm not going to complain, though, because this is a good kind of ache, the kind that lets me know that I've worked out all the cobwebs that have collected throughout the past six months of winter. I hope today's storms melt away the last of the snowbanks.


the return

I'm finally going to get some work done on my thesis in a location where I know I will be able to get work done. I'm going to be going to my college library in Minnesota for a multi-purpose trip. As I mentioned, I will be working on my thesis, but I will also be visiting friends from college and possibly crashing on Kristen's couch while I'm there. This will happen in April, when I will actually be able to get away from work for a few days. I'm super-excited about it.

Yes, super-excited...about going back to Minnesota...a state that I hate. I am excited about my friends, not the people whom I have forgotten about since I moved in 2005. I hope that I don't run into those people. I just hate the standard niceties of "how have you been" that seems bound to end with "keep in touch" and an exchange of numbers. There will be no exchange of numbers. If I haven't bothered to contact you since 2005, I probably had a reason.

But, to be honest, there are a handfull of people whom I have failed to contact for other reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with negativity and everything to do with my slacker behavior and not having had many good things to mention for the first two years I was gone. I will be getting in touch with those people. But not the others, the ass-nasty morons that I was happy to leave behind.

Also, I'd like to get finished with my first draft of my thesis. That will be one huge, flea-ridden monkey off my back.


how do you like your eggs?

I like my eggs standing up on end, like this:
And this:

Yes, that is my desk at work. Do not worry, this is a work-sanctioned egg-uprising. I think it is cool. I've been telling passers by that I am doing this WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND. Mwah ha ha. Umm, yeah, that part is bullshit; I use the power of my mind for much more fruitful things, like revenge. But look over there, it is an egg balancing on its end!


Happy first day of SPRING! It could not come soon enough...unfortunately, Mother Nature is still being a nasty whore and is sending 5-7 inches of snow our way in the next 24 hours. But, today is slated to be nice and sunny. And, a sure sign of spring is this guy, who has been mating in the front yard with all the ladies with big red breasts:

As you probably know, Easter is this Sunday. My initial reaction to the thought of having to do family stuff with the man's family was this: I suggested that we hide my car in the garage and pretend that we are visiting my parents for the weekend. I thought we were in agreement about this, until I was informed that we will be attending a dinner with the man's family Saturday night. This doesn't go along with my plan, but the damage has been done and now I have to go or look like a bitch for not going. As much as I would like to take the bitch route, I know there would be repercussions and I'm not going to ruin the remainder of my weekend by having to listen to a disgruntled, pouty boyfriend. On second thought, there has been trouble brewing amongst some of the members of the family and nothing says Easter like a drunken outburst at dinner, so this could be more interesting than first expected.



I'm a glutton. A glutton for storage. Most women I know are lacking for storage space. I am not. The amazingly wonderful man who built our house did so in such a way to use every single possible square foot for storage. We have nearly 30 closets in our house. Yes, 30. There are built-ins everywhere. A china built-in in the dining room. A bookcase by the fireplace. Built-in dressers in each of the bedrooms.

When I first moved in it was kind of confusing, doors everywhere, but now that I'm used to that, I have found that I still want more. Perhaps it is because of all of the closets and built-ins that I am jealous of others with fewer storage options. I want a credenza, and a dresser, and a buffet, and all of those wonderful pieces of furniture in which to store stuff, and objects, and items, and everything one might need to throw in a cubby somewhere so as not to alarm parents when they come to visit.

But, alas, I'm plagued with the sensibility of the man who built the house and avoid purchasing unnecessary storage furniture. Even though there is a gorgeous Danish modern dresser at a local antique store that is screaming my name, loudly, with such vigor that it makes me want to write an '80s ballad about it.


single again

Over the weekend something has come between me and the man. It takes up a large percentage of his free time, leaving me with a lot more alone time. It is almost like being single again. That thing is the xBox 360 that came home with the man last Friday.

The arrival of the xBox has pushed for a speedier arrival of another object to take up the man's time...a 42 inch flat-screen television. Because the 40 inch TV in the living room that belongs to the roommate isn't good enough. We need one in our living room upstairs so that we can play games without interruption. Not to mention that I have a perfectly good 32 inch TV in my living room upstairs that has cable hookup allowing me to avoid those playing video games elsewhere in the house. I'm not so sure that this will be a good thing, this marriage of spaces and entertainment.

Hopefully we won't be getting the bigger TV until much later in the spring...or maybe next year. I guess it all depends when Uncle Sam sends out the economic stimulus checks. It is important to note that mine will go toward debt, not a new TV.


I'm at work, despite not feeling well due to some sort of cold/flu that hasn't quite manifested itself fully yet and the heartburn that kept me awake all but two hours last night. I'm assuming the heartburn is stress-related and despite the fact that I have chewed about 20 Tums in the past 12 hours, it is still rearing its ugly head. In my sleep-deprived haze last night I actually thought that I could burn someone if I opened my mouth too close to them. As a result, I wouldn't face the man, because I like his face and wouldn't want to burn it off with the fire coming up through my throat.

My friend Kristen's grandmother once referred to me as fragile or delicate or something like that. I am not so sure about those terms, they make me laugh when used in reference to me, but I have to admit that I am not made of steel. I think it is the stubbornness that is plaguing me, causing me to get so stressed out that I end up getting sick. Despite all the issues that I have had in terms of my health, I still feel like I am ten feet tall and bulletproof sometimes. The constant pain and the cold that won't go away are forcing me to face the realization that I'm not as strong as I thought. But if you call me a delicate flower I might have to kick you in your naughties or breathe that fire out of my throat in your direction. I'd let you pick.



I'm exhausted. The bad thing is that I have done nothing fun to make me exhausted. No out of the ordinary sex marathons, no marathons that include running, no marathons that include drinking...only work. And more work. And after that, yeah, there was more fucking work. I've never been so happy for Wednesday to come, even though I know I'll be at work at least 12 hours, at least it is halfway through the week.

While I'll never understand why people want children so badly, I do understand that what I'm experiencing in terms of feeling overworked and underpaid is nothing in comparison to having to take care of the creature you pushed out of your body. At least I can throw some food in a dish on the floor and take a nap (in regard to the animals, of course, the man can get his own damned food so I can take a nap). But...in terms of longevity and capability, a kid would be around long enough to learn how to make me dinner... Nah, I don't have the patience for that. Never mind that I would have to PUSH THE KID OUT OF MY BODY before it could learn anything.

Why am I rambling? Why am I asking myself questions? It's because I'm on the verge of the flu and have been working on too many projects in too short a time frame. If I don't make any sense, then just be glad that I won't be reproducing. I don't think the world is read for the antics and crankiness of a mini-Trish.


new music monday

I'm loving Minuit. They are a band out of New Zealand and have a kick-ass Website. You should check it out if you have a few minutes to spare. It's interactive and you can "talk" to whomever else is on the site. Check it out.


sadness in the frozen tundra

Today Brett Favre announced his retirement. It is a sad day for Packer fans. I am amongst those who are grieving the loss. I can unabashedly say that I love Brett Favre and how happy and angry he made me feel throughout 16 years of autumnal Sundays, and the occasional Monday night. Perhaps I'm crazy, but I am totally going to miss that man. Adieu.



Yesterday was gorgeous. It was 40+ degrees outside, sunny, not too windy...glorious. I built a snowperson. A snow-woman, actually. Sidenote: I've noticed lately that the disgusting pigman dickbag roommate is throwing cigarette butts off the porch and into my currently snow-covered garden. As I have said before...he is both a slovenly assnasty and a stupid moron. This annoys me and I don't like him...but I do tolerate him. I felt a bit snarky yesterday and thought a tiny retaliation was in order. This brings us back to my snowchick. I made her overweight, smoking a cigarette, and with droopy boobies. (Wait for it...there is a reason.) I then informed the roommate that I met a woman that I thought he even had a chance of getting with. All that was missing was a case of herpes. And that she was outside waiting for him. The man and I were thoroughly amused, the roommate slightly less so. I wonder why.