Yesterday was gorgeous. It was 40+ degrees outside, sunny, not too windy...glorious. I built a snowperson. A snow-woman, actually. Sidenote: I've noticed lately that the disgusting pigman dickbag roommate is throwing cigarette butts off the porch and into my currently snow-covered garden. As I have said before...he is both a slovenly assnasty and a stupid moron. This annoys me and I don't like him...but I do tolerate him. I felt a bit snarky yesterday and thought a tiny retaliation was in order. This brings us back to my snowchick. I made her overweight, smoking a cigarette, and with droopy boobies. (Wait for it...there is a reason.) I then informed the roommate that I met a woman that I thought he even had a chance of getting with. All that was missing was a case of herpes. And that she was outside waiting for him. The man and I were thoroughly amused, the roommate slightly less so. I wonder why.

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