we fit

I hung some sheets and towels and such on the clothesline today. It was the first day when it was warm and the wind wasn’t whipping past my house at hurricane strength, so it was time to save some energy and let some sheets absorb that fresh from the sun smell.

Folding fitted sheets has always sucked for me. I could never seem to get the folded product to look like anything but a mangled ball of wrinkles. This video has made my linen closet let out a huge sigh of relief.


I suck. I missed a day. The problem is, when I thought “oh shit, I have to post to my blog,” it was already 12:09 AM. I had just finished watching the new episode of Burn Notice and was about ready to go to bed when it struck me. But, alas, it was too late. Don't worry, I'll make it up to you. I'll post twice today. I promise.

I spent the day yesterday at the mall with my friend Pam, window shopping and making a half-assed attempt to find shoes for her wedding. It was a nice, laid back, do nothing kind of day. Today was once again much of the same. I spent the majority of the day with my friend Kristen, had lunch, spent most of the day outside with her dog, nothing serious or too intense. Tomorrow I plan on waking up early to hit a few garage sales with a couple of friends, then I hope to mow the lawn (if the man hasn’t already finished by the time I get back), and then cook up a couple steaks for dinner.

Thank God it is finally summer.