I'm a glutton. A glutton for storage. Most women I know are lacking for storage space. I am not. The amazingly wonderful man who built our house did so in such a way to use every single possible square foot for storage. We have nearly 30 closets in our house. Yes, 30. There are built-ins everywhere. A china built-in in the dining room. A bookcase by the fireplace. Built-in dressers in each of the bedrooms.

When I first moved in it was kind of confusing, doors everywhere, but now that I'm used to that, I have found that I still want more. Perhaps it is because of all of the closets and built-ins that I am jealous of others with fewer storage options. I want a credenza, and a dresser, and a buffet, and all of those wonderful pieces of furniture in which to store stuff, and objects, and items, and everything one might need to throw in a cubby somewhere so as not to alarm parents when they come to visit.

But, alas, I'm plagued with the sensibility of the man who built the house and avoid purchasing unnecessary storage furniture. Even though there is a gorgeous Danish modern dresser at a local antique store that is screaming my name, loudly, with such vigor that it makes me want to write an '80s ballad about it.

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