the return

I'm finally going to get some work done on my thesis in a location where I know I will be able to get work done. I'm going to be going to my college library in Minnesota for a multi-purpose trip. As I mentioned, I will be working on my thesis, but I will also be visiting friends from college and possibly crashing on Kristen's couch while I'm there. This will happen in April, when I will actually be able to get away from work for a few days. I'm super-excited about it.

Yes, super-excited...about going back to Minnesota...a state that I hate. I am excited about my friends, not the people whom I have forgotten about since I moved in 2005. I hope that I don't run into those people. I just hate the standard niceties of "how have you been" that seems bound to end with "keep in touch" and an exchange of numbers. There will be no exchange of numbers. If I haven't bothered to contact you since 2005, I probably had a reason.

But, to be honest, there are a handfull of people whom I have failed to contact for other reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with negativity and everything to do with my slacker behavior and not having had many good things to mention for the first two years I was gone. I will be getting in touch with those people. But not the others, the ass-nasty morons that I was happy to leave behind.

Also, I'd like to get finished with my first draft of my thesis. That will be one huge, flea-ridden monkey off my back.


Ms. Jane said...

You can sleep in my bed.... I will sleep on the couch. I sleep there most of the time anyway....hehe

Ms. Jane said...
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