reap what you sow

Garden items the man wants to plant:
  • 100-pound pumpkins (who the hell knows what we'll do with these, but I've been informed that "they look cool" and that that is reason enough)
  • popcorn (I don't know how to make popcorn that isn't prepackaged with buttery goodness in a microwave-safe bag)
  • tomatoes (which the man will not eat)
  • peas (another vegetable that the man will not eat)
  • green beans

I've been told that the tomatoes and peas are "for me." I'm all about having a garden, but all I can see is a butt load of vegetables that the man won't eat and 100-pound pumpkins with their guts smashed out lying all over the yard after Halloween. Because, come on, what do you do with 100-pound pumpkins if you don't smash them?

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