As of today, Monday, July 16, 2007, the following things have not happened:
  • the sky has not fallen
  • the roommate has not moved out, nor is he planning to
  • my office has not become fully-staffed
  • the mystery plant I transplanted has not shown its identity
  • I have not completed my thesis
  • Cat Named Jack has not grown out of the "kitten stage"
  • Cat Named Jack and Jammer have not become friends
  • Orpheus (my beta fish) has not died
  • the man and I have not taken a real vacation, or even a fake one
  • I have not convinced my friend Kristen to move back to WI
  • I have not won the lottery
  • I have not gotten rid of the furniture that we have been "gifted"
  • birds have not stopped shitting on my car on a daily basis
  • I have not been back to MN
  • I have not been promoted
  • much to the dismay of my family, I am neither engaged nor married
  • I have not been struck by even the smallest desire to produce offspring
  • I have not partied like it was '99 since it was '99

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