reasons why i am restless

  1. seemingly insurmountable workload at work, and that doesn't even take into account my normal work responsibilities (leading me to feel like I have failed each time I leave the office)
  2. still understaffed at work
  3. hourly wage + no overtime = donation of multiple work hours to employer each week
  4. minimal quality time with the man due to our conflicting work schedules
  5. summer has passed, and I have participated in zero fun summer activities with the man
  6. inexplicably, my physical therapy seems to have stopped progressing, meaning a new approach will be taken
  7. roadblock in terms of special side project
  8. lack of friend time and time with the man has been leading to all work and no play
  9. rising costs of everything
  10. thesis still isn't finished

1 comment:

Ms. Jane said...

I am sorry you are restless. Maybe the man should consider becoming a PT so you can spend more time together :-)