things i hate today

  1. The person in the cubicle outside my office playing Josh Groban.
  2. Josh Groban.
  3. The weird pissing thing the sky is doing that is neither snow nor rain nor sleet.
  4. The fog.
  5. Not being able to drink decaffeinated coffee because decaffeinated coffee still contains significant amounts of caffeine. Thus, it is not aptly named. It should be lesscaffeinated coffee.
  6. Receiving Dexter: Season 1 Disc 2 before receiving Dexter: Season 1 Disc 1 from Netflix.
  7. Black Thursday and the commercialism associated with it.
  8. Making travel arrangements for people other than myself.
  9. Thinking about the lack of money to pay bills and still afford Christmas.
  10. Did I mention Josh Groban?

1 comment:

Ms. Jane said...

I like your tagline a lot. I am squared K, you know :-)
How can you hate Josh Groban? I don't like a lot of his songs (like the one for that polar express movie) but he has some very nice classical stuff. I own one CD. I didn't get the second because I didn't like where it was going.