off kilter

I'm a klutz today. So far (and it is only 8:15 AM), I have run into the following things:
  • the edge of the bed (with my toe)
  • the doorknob on the bedroom closet (with my hand)
  • the dog gate (with my hip)
  • the corner wall in the hallway at work (with my shoulder, while carrying tea)
  • the edge of my desk (with my thigh)

Perhaps I should take a hint and not leave my chair or attempt to drive.

In other news, my windshield wiper motor appears to be completely fucked...and not in a good way. I'll have to make an appointment to get it replaced (to the tune of what I estimate as $200+.) Merry fucking Christmas.

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Ms. Jane said...

I am so sorry! What rotten luck :-( How did this happen to your windshield motor? You are not that far over warranty. I would call the dealership and see if they would be willing to do anything for you. If they want to see your business in the future, they may be willing to help you out. That seems really shady.