things i did over the weekend

  1. slept
  2. ate
  3. cleaned the house while dodging attacks made by the cat
  4. slept some more
  5. talked on the phone
  6. went to the store
  7. wrapped Christmas gifts
  8. ate
  9. slept
  10. watched the Packer game
  11. wrote a few Christmas cards
  12. ate
  13. put up our tiny Christmas tree
  14. slept
  15. watched the last episode of Dexter: Season 1
  16. made dinner
  17. ate
  18. channel surfed
  19. slept
  20. woke up to find I'd slept through the majority of the weekend

The good news is that my cold seems to be nearly gone. Also, the more I sleep, the closer to winter break it gets.

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