the end

I'm done with work. I'm officially off the clock for the week. It is a grand feeling. A freeing feeling. This week has felt as though it would never end. But it has. And, it is sunny outside. I dare to say that it even looks like it will not kill be to spend more time outdoors than what it takes to get from the car to the building. Perhaps I will take the mongrel-beast-animal named Jammer out for a walk when I get home. Or, I will stand on the porch, basking in the sun while she runs crazily around the yard.

For as much as I hate long weeks, I love them for the simple fact that I feel so unbelievably happy when they are over. The kind of happiness that you felt as a child when summer vacation came...but this is better because it happens on a weekly basis. A horrible work week is not like some awful things are, the things that when I am finished, I look back and think "that wasn't so bad." A bad work weeks is different because...it is that bad. And I am glad that it is over. Really glad. Genuinely glad. So glad that I want to rip my shirt off and run around jumping for joy as though I had just won the World Cup. But I won't celebrate like that because it would be awkward and uncomfortable. What I will do is start what has the possibility of turning out to be an awful work week on Monday.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the reprieve that is the weekend. I hope you do the same.

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Ms. Jane said...

I just love the new look of your blog.