I'm going to be painting the office this weekend. For real. I've decided that I need to make an area for myself that is both aesthetically appealing and conducive to work. While I was hoping to wait until spring, I now realize that in terms of my timeline for thesis completion, I'm going to have to schedule time daily and/or weekly to reach my deadline. If I'm going to be spending all of this time working, I'd like to work in a home office that is serene and not stark white with random shit stored here and there.

While these tasks are already making me weary, I know that it is time to buckle down and pull my head out of my ass. I have a new coworker with a background in rhetoric who has been monumentally useful in jumpstarting my project. She allows me to bounce ideas off of her and offers criticism in such a way that I am left to ponder a solution, rather than leaving me irritable and hurt. Best of all, we can converse face-to-face. I think one of my major problems was the divide left by communication via e-mail and phone.

I think I'm actually making progress. Her arrival not only cut my workload back to manageable proportions, but also gives me a "mentor," so to speak.

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