goodbye to a friend

Estelle Getty of Golden Girls died today. This is a very sad day. I've been a fan of the show, and particularly of the quick-witted and snarky character Sophia Petrillo, since it aired in reruns after school while I was in late elementary and middle school. Perhaps not the best choice of subject matter for a preteen girl, but I loved the show and forged a connection with the characters.

Ever present in my life, this show ran in syndication while I was in college and got me through many sleepless nights. It has been a constant source of comfort throughout my life, always there waiting on the Lifetime channel to be a good friend when I needed it. A shared love for the show cemented my friendship with Kristen, whom I plan to someday live with when we are old and widowed and golden.

Goodbye, Estelle, and thank you for being a friend.

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Ms. Jane said...

Reading this post made me get all teary-eyed. I am glad you recorded this important event on your blog, because I have been too busy to write on mine. I am so sad that she is gone... but she lives on in my DVD player..Every night! God bless that sweet little old lady who had to wait a lifetime to get a role that brought international attention to her talent.