awaiting the arrival of cricket - potential internet savior

So, you may have noticed that I didn't post this past weekend. My shoddy internet connection via my phone can be thanked for that. Actually, my phone hasn't even been receiving calls with much success over the weekend so there is going to be some customer service dealings going on today after work. In the meantime, I feel the guilt of not posting for a couple days so I will post three times today to make up for it.

In optimistic news, my Cricket broadband modem etc. is supposed to arrive sometime today. The bad news is that a signature is required and I am doubtful that anyone will be home by the time it shows up. My hope is that the man will get home early to receive the package from FedEx, but if my morning was any indicator of my luck for the day, I would sooner expect the apocalypse than anything going my way.

Count this as post #1 of my guilt-induced triple play.

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