bargain bandit

Yesterday, after painting the kitchen, I realized that I was in desperate need of kitchenware and felt the need for some retail therapy while on my "vacation." I was uber-successful in my shopping endeavors and found a ton of things that I was not even looking for. This is where the "pretend it's a dress" theory comes in. As I wasn't looking for a dress (or for many of the other items listed below), I was able to find the perfect one. Here is a list of things I purchased today - totaling less than $100:
  • two, count them, TWO potential dresses for the wedding
  • fabric matching the kitchen paint color (to be made into pillows or cushions for the adjoining living room)
  • brocade pinch-pleat drapes for the office - the perfect score (posting pics tomorrow)
  • a new shower curtain and liner
  • two pairs of heels
  • a cute denim jacket
  • a yellow and orange, three-piece Pyrex mixing bowl set
  • two microfiber pillow shams
  • a matte white, faux bois pot

I believe there may have been a couple other little things thrown in the mix, but that's most of it. Yes, I was the bargain bandit. Can't believe what a steal the dresses were. I'll have to get pics after the man gets home so I can post them. Now I'm out for a night of merriment.

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