june 2009 - one week in

Well, let's see what kind of progress I've made during the first week of June. I think I've done quite well in terms of goals and I've even managed to do some things that weren't on my list. Her is what I have accomplished:

  • get a library card
  • paint the kitchen
  • find/purchase a bridesmaid dress

I've done some other things that I've been meaning to do for a long time as well:

  • bundle my home and auto insurance, saving a buttload of money (I'm a lazy moron for not doing this sooner, particularly since I at one time held a property/casualty insurance licensure)
  • reconnect with some family/friends with whom I've lost touch (however, there is still more to do with this one)
  • continue exploring professional development and potential career enhancing moves
  • step outside of my comfort zone and attend gatherings I normally would avoid
  • upgrade more of my projects to natural and eco-friendly alternatives

Some of these are small things, others have more impact, but all of them are making me extremely happy to add to my list of accomplishments. I'm happy with all that I've done this summer and am looking forward to doing a lot more this upcoming week to get toward polishing off the rest of my June goals.

And, this is day seven of a successful NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Woo hoo.

No, I'm not all about self-enlightenment and improvement these days. There is a pent-up rant about the roommate about to boil over and you will reap all of the juicy benefits.

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