like being naked

I have decided to share with you a new purchase which I love. I have started using a new brand of beautification products: Stript. I was turned on to this product line by my hairstylist, who always looks completely polished.

So far I've only switched over to the eyeliner (color: cocoa) and blush (color: lolita). Yes, there were multiple jokes made at my expense because the color of blush that best matches my fair complexion is Lolita. Even though it has the name Lolita, I don't look like a hooker or a drag queen when I wear it. I have never in my life used blush before, but I think I like it. It makes me look like I have actual cheekbones. Who knew? I like the eyeliner because it doesn't make me look like a raccoon halfway through the day by smearing and bleeding and melting all around my eye holes.

I had my doubts about a vegan product staying put all day and being as effective as my normal products, but I have been quite pleasantly surprised. The prices are a little higher than you'd pay at the nearest Walgreens for beauty products, but are definitely on par with the department store brands. I'm impressed by the company's socially responsible business practices: from eco-friendly packaging to generous contributions to various charities. For more information about Stript makeup and where you can buy their products, click here.

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Ms. Jane said...

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