july 2009 goals

Yesterday marked the official end of my June National Blog Posting Month. I didn't quite make it, but I'm still pretty proud of getting 30 posts up in 30 days, whether they occurred one each day or not.

As promised, here's my list of goals for July 2009:
  • finish coffee table project (leftover from June)
  • reorganize paper files (leftover from June)
  • exercise (in some form) every single day in June - I want to be active on a daily basis, as I know work will be stressful with added responsibilities and home will be less homey with multiple visitors and the man working most weekends. I need an outlet to get rid of my negativity, and I am thinking amping up my exercise again will help.
  • reorganize closets/storage - I'm doing this in a continued effort to simplify my life.
  • go through the house and donate items to charity - clearing out the closets will make this easier.
  • read a few books on feng shui and institute some of the practices in my home - see, all the goals are coming together.
  • plan a weekend trip with the man - maybe camping, maybe a B&B somewhere, I'm not sure yet.
  • buy a wedding gift for my friend Pam
  • enjoy some sort of cultural outing (Concerts on the Square, a museum, a play, etc.)
  • redo my budget

And there you have it, my list of goals for July. Nothing too heavy, but enough to keep me busy. I'm sort of bummed out that the man has to work most of the weekends this month, but I keep reminding myself that I have plenty to do on my own. Here's hoping that all of the extra hours we've been putting in lately creates some good karma. I'm just throwing this out into the universe: we could definitely use a little more cash and one fewer roommate. Take that as a hint, universe.

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