dislocated, then relocated, but not like in witness protection

This weekend was finally SUMMER! That deserves all caps. As with most weekends, I spent the majority of it outdoors, and while doing so I dislocated my middle finger on my left hand. Or rather, the dog dislocated my middle finger on my left hand.

The grainy cell phone pic shows my gangley, alien hands, so disregard all but the knuckle of the second finger up from the bottom. You ca kind of see that it is swollen, and this is after I had an icepack on it for a while. It isn't too bad, but it throbs, so that isn't very fun.

I honestly never realized how much I use my middle finger (not just for gesturing to get my "point" across in traffic). Here's a brief list of the the "oh shit, that hurts" moments I've had today:

  • buttoning clothing (tried this on one button and then completely changed wardrobe to buttonless)
  • prying lid off cat food container
  • using directional signals (car)
  • snapping - worst one yet
  • air quotes
  • typing

On that lasts note, yes, typing doesn't feel pleasant so I will leave you now.

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