may goals and why i suck

I suck at posting, obviously. Suck with a capital S. Now that we have determined that, here's my list of goals for May. You may also note that there was no April goal list, due to my sucking at posting.
  • order glass for console table
  • finish my library book before it is due
  • complete ottoman upholstery project
  • get car tire repaired - I already did this, but I did it in May, so it is now a completed goal
  • get car checked out at repair shop (and pray that there is nothing really expensive wrong with it)
  • secure a date that the roommate will move out - "summer" isn't very descriptive (addendum: do not throw roommate's shit out of the house and onto the lawn in a moment of unbridled disgust for his overall disposition, appearance, and slovenliness)
  • complete expansion of flower bed to encompass new shrub that was planted (photos to come)
  • find a chair for the living room and decide on a sofa to purchase (not to be purchased in May, but category should be narrowed to one or two options)
  • mail all Mother's Day and birthday cards on time
  • finish the piggy bank project for nephew
I think that is a good and do-able list for May. I also aim to post at least once per week. (And this makes post one for week one: so far, so good.)

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