grow your own

With all of the negative effects of the oil spill, you may be feeling helpless. I find myself watching the news and listening to radio reports, wishing I could contribute more or fly down to help. I'm not in a position to send thousands of dollars to the effort, but I can help the environment in small ways by relying less on store-bought veggies/herbs and doing a better job of taking care of the the plot of earth that is in my stead. I'm going to grow some of my own vegetables and avoid using any chemicals on my gardens, supplementing what I can do by shopping locally. By doing so, I'm going to be able to spend less on gasoline. In addition, BP is no longer receiving my business.

If you are also wanting to help in small ways and make yourself healthier at the same time (planting your own vegetables, using a rain barrel for watering gardens, becoming independent of pesticides, etc.), check out this site (http://growindie.com/):

Whether you are a container gardener or have acres of veg growing on your property, this site will either help you get started or share some new ideas to add to your repertoire. Every small thing we do for our environment helps. It helps us and our Earth and everything that resides here. Tell your friends about what you plan to do; pass along the motivation and ideas to make a difference.

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