may 2010 goals update

I didn't do too badly on my May goals, right around 80%. Above average is alright for now.
  • order glass for console table - fail. this has been lowered on my priority list.
  • finish my library book before it is due - complete
  • complete ottoman upholstery project - complete
  • get car tire repaired - complete
  • get car checked out at repair shop (and pray that there is nothing really expensive wrong with it) - complete. this was done with the man's help. I also had to get a tire repaired and my oil changed. May was not a cheap month for the car.
  • secure a date that the roommate will move out - "summer" isn't very descriptive (addendum: do not throw roommate's shit out of the house and onto the lawn in a moment of unbridled disgust for his overall disposition, appearance, and slovenliness) -fail. roommate appears to have broken up with his girlfriend over the holiday weekend, also his birthday weekend, which I'm fearing he will use as a tactic to delay his departure. this makes me supremely unhappy and distressed.
  • complete expansion of flower bed to encompass new shrub that was planted (photos to come) - complete. done and done again. I actually expanded three flowerbeds and added another in the month of May.
  • find a chair for the living room and decide on a sofa to purchase (not to be purchased in May, but category should be narrowed to one or two options) - complete. I found two chairs (which will need a little refurbishing, to be shown in a later post and decided on the sofa we'll be buying after the roommate leaves.
  • mail all Mother's Day and birthday cards on time - complete
  • finish the piggy bank project for nephew - complete

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