things i did on "vacation"

  • weeded the garden
  • kept myself from buying more plants
  • ate a lot of nachos
  • went disc golfing
  • hung out with the man - a lot
  • watched a few movies
  • watched a couple Y&R episodes
  • researched new laptops
  • picked up the new Jack Johnson cd
  • cleaned the garage
  • worked from home, despite being on vacation
  • had (yet another) conversation with the roommate re: him moving out
  • picked up a new (used) pair of shoes
  • fixed the curtains in the den
  • ate a lot of cheese popcorn
  • went to the courthouse
  • walked around by the capital
  • reconfigured downstairs floor plan on floorplanner.com
  • attempted to find lost camera-to-computer cables
  • ate Chinese food
  • ate a lot of popsicles
  • played with the dog (numerous times)

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