I'm generally an organized person. I may even be anal-retentive about it. The problem is that I have a tendency to allow organization become a procrastination tool. There is always something that can be organized, reorganized, or organized yet again. I'm better at the initiation of organization than I am on the follow-through for this reason - I know that there will be the opportunity to reevaluate and reorganize. One of my goals for the 2008 is to avoid doing this.

Another goal is to firmly cement my budget and adhere to it as though I will be cold and homeless if I stray from it. So far, this has gone well (even though it has only been one week). I have read a few books by Larry Winget on budgeting and getting "rich." Rich is not so much important to me as getting out of debt. Yes, I realize that the debt I have incurred is because of important things like education, but that doesn't make the monthly payments any easier to swallow. I generally have a budget that I am following, but I have been a bit lax at times. This will end. I will be a budgetary Nazi.

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Ms. Jane said...

I am sorry you have to be a budgetary Nazi. You should actually have your own organization business. I don't see how you don't follow through on your organizing. You are the most put together person I know. Never has any object, under anyone's ownership, felt so sure of its proper place as those objects that are owned or affiliated with you. The things that I own probably suffer from varying degrees of identity crises. My chair thinks its a laundry basket because it is so often covered with dirty or clean clothes; my sofa thinks its a bed because I have so often slept on it; and my DVD probably think they are strategically placed light deflectors.