Today has been one of the longest workdays I've had in a long time. My boss was out of the office, of which I wasn't informed. Apparently, him just not showing up is all the notice I get (and I know there has not been any kind of emergency keeping him from the office). Oh well. The projects that need approval will have to wait until next week.

I'm going to go see the movie Juno with a coworker tonight. We have been trying to see it for the past month, but inclement weather has thwarted all attempts at scheduling. I'm quite excited to finally watch it.

Waiting being the theme of the day, it seems that I will also be waiting for new episodes of Pushing Daisies to air, according to a TV Guide listing of when many primetime shows will be airing fresh episodes now that the writers' strike has ended. Alas, it is a long wait until next fall, but if this damned winter ever ends I'll be able to spend my time doing things more worthwhile than sitting on my ass in front of the television.

Thank God...only fifteen more minutes until I leave for the theater.

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