working for the presidents

Today is Wisconsin's primary election. I must admit that I am a bit torn. Philosophically, I believe a woman is capable of being president, I believe a woman should be president...unfortunately, I'm not so sure that this woman should be president. I'm wavering between Obama and Clinton.

I guess I can say that I want hope. And I want a payoff. I don't want empty promises that aren't delivered. I want change. Yes, Clinton is best set to hit the ground running. But there are some issues that I can't back (e.g. mandated health care). Obama is inspirational and ignites passion in the voters. It is a hard choice.

Also, my decision will be somewhat based on money. I know what I want. The presidents are supposed to work for us, yet we are all working for the presidents (aka figures on the dollars we earn). Our hard-earned money is being used by the very people who should be working for us. Our nation is built on the idea that the government should fear its people, not the other way around. Right now we are stuck with a president who has tripled (yes, tripled) our national deficit during his two terms in office and we are on the heels of recession. I don't see how any of that is in our best interests.

Along that vein, in my research I have found more comfort in Obama's plan to stimulate the economy and help the middle class. His policies seem tangible, while I have found Clinton's to lack substance. Both have the same end goal, but their approaches are different.

Clinton has run a very negative campaign. She uses rhetoric spouting "I," "I," "I." Obama offers hope to the American people and uses "you," and "we" in his speeches, knowing that he is working for us. As there isn't much difference between the end goals of their respective policies, I'm afraid that I have to err on the side of character and choose Obama. I have until 5:00 this evening (when I hit the polls) to make my final decision. I'm sure I'll be waffling until then.

Of course, you may not agree. Hell, I may not agree. I'll just have to wait to see how many times my mind changes before 5:00 pm.


Ms. Jane said...

Even my mom voted in the primary: I am so proud :-)

She didn't vote for your candidate though. She voted for MY candidate. When it's all said and done, as long as a democrat is president I will be happy.

trish t. said...

I'm not sure you understood my post...Obama shouldn't be referred to as "MY" candidate. This decision was not made lightly and wasn't easy. After many hours of research I found that I agreed on a few more things with Obama than Clinton. I think he has a better implementation strategy on a few things than Clinton, but do not view myself as anti-Clinton.

I am looking at the big picture and refuse to be swayed by either an abundance or lack of ovaries. I do agree that one of these two candidates would be better in office than the Republican alternatives, though I don't identify as strictly Democrat or vote along party lines in every election. I think I identify as libertarian.

I'm assuming that YOUR candidate is the one who lost in the WI primary, based on your comment. It will be an exciting couple months.

trish t. said...

Then again, the super delegates may trump all of our votes in the end.