i spoke too soon

I'm in Minnesota. We're buried in snow. Not just a little snow, upwards of a foot with at least five more inches coming in the next couple days. It seems that hell (MN) has officially frozen over.

Thankfully, Kristen is willing to let me stay an extra day if need be so that I don't have to drive in horrid conditions. Either that, or she wants an extra pair of hands to help shovel out...I'm sure it is a mixture of the two. This way we will at least get to spend some non-work time hanging out. It is so nice to be able to see some of my good friends again. Also, it was so comforting to be spending time at the library again. It almost makes me miss this place. I have not run into any of the people whom I didn't want to see and so far the time I have spent with my friends has been great. I just wish we weren't so far away from each other.

I will post more about my thesis progress at a later date.

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