do crickets chirp?

I have written before about the awful state of Internet access at my house. We cannot get DSL because we are the only house on our road and it isn't worth it for AT&T to extend coverage for one household. Note: AT&T are bastards and have continuously screwed me over the years with their buyout of Cingular and so on and so forth. But enough about that.

I've been using my cell phone as a modem for the past few months and it is very slightly better than dial-up, but drops the connection a lot and doesn't allow me to use my phone while online. Also, it drains my phone battery quite quickly so the most I can hope for is 45 minutes of online use before my full battery is drained. 45 minutes isn't very long when you consider the amount of time it takes for a page to load. Working from home is next to impossible.

After reviewing my finances for the billionth time, I've decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to Cricket broadband, which boasts a stellar signal in my area. I made the purchase last night and hope to be reaping the benefits of the service by early next week. It should only cost me about $10 extra each month and I think I can move around some expenditures and trim enough that this is feasible. Plus, if things work out as hoped, the man has agreed to purchase a wireless router so that we can both utilize the Internet access at the same time (he's hoping he can use his Xbox 360 online with the router).

Oh, to be able to speedily do anything online from home. That would be a joyous event.

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