june 2009 - two weeks in

It has been two weeks since I set out on my June 2009 goals. These are in various stages of completion:

  • read at least one book (pending)
  • finish my coffee table project (haven't really begun yet)
  • plant vegetables and finish my flower beds (pending)
  • prepare the guest bedroom for the "mother-in-law" (pending - it is pretty close)
  • go to the farmer's market at least three times (haven't gone at all yet)
  • reorganize my paper files (kind of scared to start this unless I have a few solid hours to complete it)

I still think I can get everything finished before the end of the month and undoubtedly will add additional projects along the way. I'm getting kind of interested in feng shui, but have not pursued that yet. I'll be picking up a book about it tonight at the library. It's safe to assume that this will spur additional projects.

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