goals for june 2009

Here's my list of short-term goals for June. Nothing too extraordinary, but it's one of my efforts toward making time for fun. Yes, I suck at spontaneity. Most of the things on this list will be "fun" for me. No, I'm not normal. Yes, I'm a dork. The man will be working out of town during the week for about eight weeks this summer - this should leave me with a good amount of time to accomplish the projects that I would like to do.

  • get a library card
  • read at least one new book
  • finish my coffee table project
  • prepare the guest bedroom for the "mother-in-law"
  • paint the kitchen (not the cabinets, just the walls - yes, it is the same color as my office. the office was a trial run to see if I would like it in the kitchen)
  • plant vegetables and finish my flower beds
  • take all of my use-or-lose vacation time
  • go to the farmer's market at least three times
  • reorganize my paper files
  • find/purchase a bridesmaid dress

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Ms. Jane said...

I am exhausted just reading this. But then that could be to blame on my soul-sucking job...