goals update - is this the sixth month already?

Hello, long time no write. I've been quite busy as of late, and I need a bit of a kick in the ass to jumpstart my blog writing again. As you can see from the badge to the left, I'll be participating in NaBlogPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) again to try to get a post in each of the next 30 days.

Time to recap my goals for the year and to see how I've been doing:

Financial Goals:

  • Only keep a balance on one credit card
    > this is going well, haven't had a balance on more than one card at all this year
  • Lower credit card balance to at least $x by January 1, 2010
    > also going well - I'm on track to complete this goal and successfully pay off all credit card debt within the next 12 months
  • Pay off Student Loan 1 by January 1, 2010
    > this loan will be paid off by October, 2009
  • Contribute monthly to savings account to cover non-monthly budgetary expenses
    > I've been doing this, thankfully, as I had to use a good portion of it to pay for my laptop repairs
  • Cut expenses
    > still going well, though there isn't much left to trim at this point. I have been waning a bit on my coupon usage, but I'm committed to picking that back up
  • Raise income
    > I've taken on some side projects, but not a second job. There seems to be potential for an increase at work, but I'm not holding my breath. I need to seek out additional possibilities for this goal

Professional Goals:

  • Continue taking advantage of all applicable training sessions
    > not many trainings offered lately, but I have attended all opportunities
  • Build and maintain professional network
    > not much has been done to further build my network, but I have continued to maintain what I already have
  • Apply myself to outperform in current role - be indispensable
    > this is going well, I suppose, as I have taken on additional responsibilities. I do, however, feel more confined than ever
  • Complete thesis
    > now that my laptop is finally fixed, I should be able to make more headway. Any additional income will be put toward a higher-speed internet connection so that I can do more from home

Relationship Goals:

  • Do not interrupt, over-share, or compare experiences
    > I remind myself of this goal on a daily basis, I hope that I've made progress in this area
  • Be supportive, but also share caution when necessary
    > this also requires daily concentration, sometimes the man has some pretty out-there ideas that are hard to support though, but I've been doing my best to not gravitate toward the role of Devil's advocate all of the time
  • Spend more time w/, or communicate more w/ family and friends
    > I think this has been successful. I just spent the Memorial Day weekend visiting my hometown and was able to see a lot of people while there. I've also been pretty good regarding my monthly correspondence
  • Reach out to others more
    > not much has been done in terms of volunteer work, I have committed to donating blood on a six-week cycle though

Personal Goals:

  • Keep a tidy house
    > not so hot on this one, I must admit that the more I am able to do toward reaching other goals leaves something to be desired in terms of household chores. The outdoor spaces (garden) is looking pretty good though
  • Make time for fun, don't schedule life to the minute
    > I have done this, but it seems that I wait until I can't barely stand myself before it happens. I need to make a more conscious effort to get out there more
  • Make physical and mental health a priority
    > I am happy to admit that I have stopped wearing the belt (most of the time). More on this to come later in the month
  • Minimize stress
    > working out and eating better has helped this, all other factors are kicking this goal in the belly repeatedly though. in other words, this needs work
  • Celebrate success
    > not a whole lot of success to celebrate, guess this needs more work too
  • Don't be over-critical or take myself too seriously
    > I'd say this one is only so-so
  • Live in the present - don't fret about those things outside of my control
    > my worry level is down, so that is a good thing
  • Train myself to sustain myself
    > I've stopped using anything but reusable shopping bags and have continued trying to buy local. Cooking at home has suffered since I've started putting in a lot more hours at work - this needs to be revisited. I'll write more about growing vegetables and herbs later in the month

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Ms. Jane said...

Holy CRAP. Now I am exhausted and it has nothing to do with work. If everyone managed their goals like you, we'd have a world full of Virgos.