28 in 28: how did i do?

  1. paint the living/dining room – pending – paint has been purchased and is ready to go – will do after roommate's departure – see #27
  2. throw a big party – COMPLETE – did this for Halloween
  3. read 10 books of my own choosing – COMPLETE (half were about greyhounds, but I chose that topic)
  4. bake an apple pie from scratch, including the crust – COMPLETE – thought it was a strawberry rhubarb pie instead of apple
  5. plant that big ol' vegetable garden I keep pining for – COMPLETE – not as large as I’d wanted, but not too shabby either
  6. finally hang the curtains in the living/dining room – pending – see #27
  7. take a "family" photo in a snowstorm – FAIL
  8. get another tattoo (or two) – FAIL
  9. join a gym - COMPLETE – best decision ever
  10. whole-heartedly commit to daily exercise (work out at least 4 days a week - no ifs, ands, or buts) – ONGOING – I'm really happy with this goal: feeling much better, not seeing visible results, but living with less pain
  11. pay off my credit card debt - pending – setbacks and unexpected medical bills threw a wrench in this one, but am getting back on track
  12. go to Ikea – COMPLETE – went twice, and actually bought stuff the second time
  13. finish my thesis, get it conferred, shut the book on that damned project – PARTIALLY COMPLETE – all that is left is the defense
  14. visit Kristen in Door County (before she finds a fabulous new job and leaves) – VOID – she already left for a new job...I have, however visited her in the places she has lived since
  15. fix the ding in my windshield before it cracks – COMPLETE – actually had to do this twice
  16. make at least one home-cooked meal each week, regardless of the roommate's whereabouts – COMPLETE – it happened, but not necessarily well
  17. get new tires for the car – COMPLETE – it was pricey, but I did it before the first snowfall
  18. visit my nephews and the new baby at least twice – COMPLETE – have seen them three times
  19. go to some sort of professional development that I actually find useful – COMPLETE – have attended four useful conferences
  20. cardio – even though I despise it, I will do cardio at least 3 days per week (my cardiologist and my physical therapist will finally be happy) – COMPLETE – reluctantly plugging away at this one, and am doing cardio each day I go to the gym
  21. complete the landscaping around the perimeter of the house – COMPLETE – expansions will likely occur, but the perimeter is finished
  22. make a calendar for our family members – it will be funny, the man and I have discussed it for a couple years – COMPLETED – and we've begun a calendar for 2011
  23. take another college class – PENDING – I am, however, taking a couple community-based short-courses not at college level
  24. send/give thank-you cards for each gift given – COMPLETED – not including birthday gifts I've just received
  25. six-pack abs, or something close to that without being too manly – PENDING – not quite a six-pack yet, but definitely closer
  26. write to my grandmother at least once per month – FAIL – didn't do it every month, but was well over 50%
  27. make the transition away from having a roommate – FAIL – I’m glad that murderous rampage wasn't on my list, because I surely would have completed it. Roommate is draining my will to live, one day at a time – oh, and he had a mini-nervous breakdown and has guilted the man into not throwing him out just yet. We won’t get into that right now.
  28. complete three NaBloPoMo month-long blog runs – FAIL – I find this to be nearly impossible, as I like to go weekends without turning on my computer

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