28 things I did in my 28th year

This isn't my goal list from the past year, but it is a list of accomplishments, which is ultimately better in my opinion, because the word "FAIL" doesn't show up in this one.

  1. I chopped off all my hair again.
  2. I got new glasses.
  3. I created a new ottoman.
  4. I developed an affinity for New Glarus Totally Naked beer.
  5. The man and I became official domestic partners (at least official in the eyes of my employer and health ins. company).
  6. I got a new laptop.
  7. I finished planting around the perimeter of the house.
  8. We were "adopted" by a new cat. His name is Chuck Norris.
  9. I thrifted (or bought at extremely discounted prices) nearly all the items we needed for our “new” house.
  10. The man and I bought a car – together.
  11. I had great evenings spent with wonderful friends.
  12. I created a new coffee table.
  13. I added a niece to my list of loved ones.
  14. I said goodbye (for now) to my oldest friend.
  15. I finally began to see my parents as people, not just parents...people who I would love whether they created me or not.
  16. I went through a terrifying health scare with the man.
  17. I made a homemade pie.
  18. I finished my chair makeover.
  19. I fell in love with the man all over again.
  20. I had a no-spend month (moratorium on spending).
  21. I joined a gym.
  22. I started wearing heels again.
  23. I pared down my closet and donated things to charity.
  24. I threw a big birthday party for the man (he helped).
  25. I paid off one of my student loans.
  26. I embraced the fact that I cannot commit to blogging daily without going batshit crazy.
  27. I learned my “personality type” according to Myers-Briggs.
  28. I realized that I’m far too young to not be having more fun – hello, 29, we’re going to tear up the town.

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