i have arrived

I'm moving my blog over from myspace, the bastard stepchild of the blogosphere (as much as I hate to use the term "blogosphere"). Also, I feel that I may be too old to use myspace and instead of using it as a friend-generating/pot-selling/sex-mongering device as I hear it is often used, I was using only the blog function.

I'm reposting my blogs from the past - do not go thinking that I am incredibly prolific and they are all the fruit of one day's labor.

Oh yeah. Welcome to the new blog.


trish t.

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Ella's "Mom" said...

Welcome. I will join you on this new blogging endeavor. I think there is another word for "spikes," used by the world of pop culture: fads. I think fads are typically harmless and cyclical and there is no fighting them. If the fads in your life are fads of self improvement and personal betterment, I think you are far better off than those who follow fads that involve one wearing cheap clunky jewelry over layers of tank tops.