jan. 11, 2006: cohabitation

I am a nomad. I have no home. I am squatting at my significant other's until I have a permanent residence and a job to pay for said permanent residence. I am also living at my parents' house semi-permanently, as much as I hate to admit that little tidbit. The job market is kind of slow right now, what with all of the holidays and such, so this squatting is becoming more lengthy than I at first imagined. I actually don't mind sharing a residence with three men and one of their girlfriends, but it is a different lifestyle to that which I had previously been accustomed. Here are the main ways in which my life has been altered since I have been staying with the man:

1. I no longer can get away with "the whole bed is mine and I can lie down wherever I wish and wake up in whatever sprawled out and contorted position I so desire" without waking up and hearing about how much I stole the blankets and smacked the man in the head with flailing limbs.

2. I am a much better person than I thought I could ever be as I have made an effort to leave the toilet seat up when I am done so as not to rock the boat for all those penis-wielding members of the household.

3. I have had to mix my favorite spiral mac and cheese with the regular kind as to pacify the man who hates the spiral kind (but who also does not even know how to make mac and cheese).

4. I have to wander to the bathroom in the middle of the night with clothes on rather than in whatever I happen to be sleeping in as not to be caught in the hallway with my pants down (figure of speech).

5. I actually get to wake up and spend time with the man, which is a welcomed change from the short term visits that our long distance relationship had consisted of. Note: this is a happy change to my life and should not be misconstrued as griping.

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